Anti-ageing facials

Defy the hands of time with anti-wrinkle, radiance and resurfacing facials for instant results. Therapies include facial mapping analysis, eye treatment, luxurious hand, arm and optional scalp massage.

Pro-collagen quartz lift facial £70


Benefits: Smoothes, Nourishes, Refines

Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Dull skin tone


Experience the age-defying benefits of marine-charged Padina Pavonica whilst targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function.





Pro-Definition Lift and Contour £70


Benefits: Lifts, Contours, Sculpts

Targets: Lack of definition, Sagging skin, Ageing


Restore the architecture of your face with potent plant actives. For a profoundly, sculpted youthful effect.





Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel £70


Benefits: Renews, Smoothes, Revitalises

Targets: Ageing, Dull skin tone, Uneven skin tone, Lacklustre skin


This highly potent couture resurfacing treatment targets the signs of ageing and dull, tired, uneven skin tone.





White Brightening Pigment Perfector £70


Benefits: Illuminates, brightens, restores

Illuminates and brightens for a naturally more even complexion


Restores even skin tone, targeting unwanted areas of pigmentation. Encapsulated Vitamin C acts as a potent brightener, inhibiting future pigmentation. The result is a more even, colour-corrected and illuminated complexion



BIOTEC Line Eraser £80


Benefits: Smoothes, Firms, Hydrates

Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Dull skin tone


A powerfully rejuvenating clinically proven* facial treatment that effectively irons out wrinkles and fills out lines.




BIOTEC Firm-a-Lift £80


Benefits: Lifts, Sculpts, Contours

Targets: Firms facial contours, Smoothes wrinkles, Hydrates the skin


A ground-breaking blend of massage and sculpting galvanic technology for a contoured complexion that is remarkably lifted.





BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer £80


Benefits: Smoothes, Balances, Detoxifies

Targets: Uneven skin tone, Blemish marks, Fine lines


For a refined, even skin tone, a revolutionary facial that uses an ultrasonic peel, massage, and light therapy resulting in the smoothest skin imaginable.





BIOTEC Radiance Renew £80


Benefits: Brightens, Revitalises, Hydrates

Targets: Dull skin, Stress, Pigmentation


A powerful antidote for dull and tired skin, this cellular-boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions for radiant, visibly brighter skin.





BIOTEC Blemish Control £80


Benefits: Calms, Repairs, Purifies

Targets: Damaged skin, Dull skin, TBlemishes


Detoxify and repair damaged tissue with this thorough and deep cleansing facial leaving skin decongested and soothed.





BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother £80


Benefits: Calms, Soothes, Moisturises

Targets: Sensitive skin, Irritation, Inflammation


Oxygen infusion and red light therapy improve the skin's ability to repair itself. Calmness is restored and skin is soothed.





BIOTEC Eye Treatment £50


Benefits: Firms, Tightens, Hydrates

Targets: Fine lines, Wrinkle depth, Ageing


Tighten the delicate eye area with targeted technology.






BIOTEC Neck Treatment £50


Benefits: Lifts, Firms, Smoothes

Targets: Sagging skin, Crepiness


Remind the muscle to firm up wih microcurrent.

Skin Solutions Facials

Specially created for skincare concerns such as breakouts, stressed and sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Soother £65


Benefits: Soothes, Calms, Rehydrates

Targets: Redness, Sensitivity, Tightness


Reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses with a treatment that incorporates soothing massage. Skin is left comfortable and calm.





Superfood Pro-Radiance £65


Benefits: Revitalises, Brightens, Nourishes

Targets: Stressed skin, Dull skin tone, Toxin build up


Energise and detoxify stressed, dull skin with a nutritional superfood boost. Leaves skin, plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.





Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm £65


Benefits: Calms, Purifies, Balances

Targets: Oily skin, Hormonal skin, Blemishes, Stressed skin


Mattify and combat oil and shine whilst restoring micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment which leaves skin bright and clear.




Modern Skin Facial £55


Re-balance stressed skin, restore a healthy glow


Bursting with anti-oxidant rich minerals and vitamins, this purifying treatment helps remove damaging toxins, regenerate skin cells and rebalance sebum.


The results:

remineralised, rebalanced & renewed skin.





Oxygen SkinCalm Facial £60


Soothe sensitive skin and even skin tone


Gentle massage techniques are combined with calming actives and a restructuring Japanese Silk Mask, impregnated with Absolute SkinCalm Booster Serum, to help rebalance delicate, fragile and sensitive complexions. Helping to relieve redness, this superior face and eye treatment offers immediate comfort to stressed and irritated skin.


1hr 15mins



S.O.S. Purifying Facial £75


Purify congested skin and clear complexion


A powerful face and eye treatment that helps regulate and balance the function of the skin. Purifying massage techniques combined with the unique Japanese Sulphur Mask, impregnated with Absolute Vita-C Booster Serum, help to absorb sebum, calm irritation and rebalance oil-rich pores, leaving a beautiful matt complexion.


1hr 15mins


Course of 6 BIOTEC facials £375

Course of 10 BIOTEC facials £550

Skin Specific Facials

Perfect as a introductory, lunch-time or maintenance facial. Maximum results in minimum time.

Skin Specific Facial £50


The perfect skin maintenance facial


Customised to your skin type, this facial combines skin conditioning plant actives, a prescribed mask and unique eastern facial massage techniques. Your face is deeply cleansed to help renew radiance, nourish and balance skin.





Skin Booster Facial £30


30 minutes to a smooth glowing complexion


Perfect for a lunch-time or early evening ‘quick fix’, these facials are uniquely designed for maximum results in minimum time. Add on your beauty essentials such as a manicure, wax or eyebrow shape for a complete package.



CACI Facial

Caci 1 hour Facial  £60


Course of 10 £480


Maintenance £55


Caci Eye Treatment £40 - 30min


Meso vytal digital skin needling treatment which will produce incredible results.

The visible skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, dehydration and sagging actually happens below the skin surface of the skin - this is also where the repair takes place.


Unlike most other treatments it is a mechanised way to deliver active ingredients into the skin with minimal trauma and down time.


MESO Vytal cell boost substances penetrate very effectively right to the intersection between epidermis and dermis and place the highly effective substances directly at the problem areas.



Most skin treatments use products which sit on the surface of the skin and less than 20% of these products will be absorbed. Meso Vytal substances penetrate directly into the intersection between the epidermis and the dermis. The highly effective ingredients target and repair the cause of visual surface skin problems.



Skin treatment to smooth skin, fill lines and wrinkles £70

Course of 8 treatments £450


Meso+ treatment £95

Meso+ with cherry peel & collagen mask £120

Course of 4 treatments over 4 months £300


By using the a configuration of metal needles and a machine we can effectively treat any of the following skin conditions:


Acne Scaring | Hypo Pigmentation | Fine Lines & Wrinkles  Large Pours | Pit Holes | Improve appearance of scars & burns


The needles are used to penetrate the skin causing mild trauma which commences the skins natural healing process, stimulating your own natural bodies collagen and elastin.

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